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21st Century Skills of Pre-Service Secondary Teachers of Bataan Peninsula State University in Dinalupihan Campus

Dr. Eugenio S. Magno
Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines





Globalization, international mobilization, and technological innovations are some demands of the future. Students must prepare to face these challenges and grasp the opportunities brought by the changing time. To succeed in this modern world, a wide range of knowledge, aptitudes and character qualities are important. This study assessed the 21st-century skills of the pre-service teachers in the Bataan Peninsula State University, Philippines based on the theory of Eight Habits of Highly Effective 21st Century Teachers by Andrew Churches. The researcher used the descriptive method of research and the respondents of this study were the 212 pre-service teachers. Frequency, percentage, weighted mean, t-test, and ANOVA were the statistical treatments used in this study. The researcher used the SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences in the computation of data. The study found that most of the respondents were 24 years old and female. The study revealed the overall 21st century skills of the respondents as outstanding. Among the skills that respondents have is that being risk-takers, followed by being a model, visionary, adaptor, collaborator, leader, learner, while the lowest mean was on being a communicator. There was no significant difference in the 21st-century skills of the pre-service teachers when they were grouped according to profile. Because communication skills was found to be the weakest skill possessed by the respondents, teachers should focus more on the improvement of this skill by involving more students’ active participation in class and other school activities.

Keywords: 21st-century skills, pre-service secondary teachers, communication skill, college of education, quantitative method, Philippines

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