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4G L.I.V.E. Learning through Instructional Videos and E-Learning Resources: An Intervention on the Grammatical Competence of Grade 4 ESL Learners

Ierrah Mirasol Villanueva
Department of Education-Schools Division Office of Rizal
San Juan, Taytay, Rizal, Philippines





The study determined the effects of Learning through Instructional Videos and E-learning resources (4G L.I.V.E) as an intervention in developing grammatical competence of Grade 4 ESL Learners in MDL classes for S.Y. 2020-2021. This was initiated as a response to the occurrence of challenges in implementing MDL as mandated in BE-LCP. The material is a child-centered, self-paced, MELC-based learning package which includes, instructional video presentations, and other e-materials covering English 4 grammar lessons. This study used purposive sampling with quasi-experimental design and involved 55 Grade 4 learners. Findings revealed that the grammatical competence of the learners increases on average level by the mean percentage score (MPS). The differences observed in the MPS were further subjected to T-test. The paired t-test revealed that there is significant difference between the pre-test and posttest in terms of the grammatical competence of the respondents. This means that they have improved after the intervention program. The results of this study serve as a basis for the English teachers to craft appropriate instructional materials to be given to the learners, as well as a guide for planning of trainings for the development of instructional materials.

Keywords: grammar, competence, instructional videos, learners

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