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A Comparative Study of Classroom Management of Preschool Teachers in the Philippines and Singapore

Teves Megeon Rodel
Philippine Christian University, 1648 Taft Ave, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines



This comparative study examines classroom management strategies among preschool teachers in the Philippines and Singapore. Employing a Descriptive-Comparative Research Design, the study aims to identify similarities and differences in the classroom management techniques used in both countries. A total of 100 preschool teachers, 50 from each country, were selected using a random sampling technique. To compare classroom management practices, an adapted survey questionnaire with a 4-point Likert scale was utilized, and data analysis was conducted using statistical methods such as Chi-square tests and regression analyses. This analysis also included assessing responses’ distribution and the responses’ heterogeneity through Standard Deviation. Significant differences and relationships were found between the classroom management practices in the two countries. Based on these findings, the study proposed specific programs and strategies for improving classroom behavior management, teaching techniques, parent-teacher collaboration, and planning and support in both the Philippines and Singapore. The study recommends further research with a broader scope, possibly using qualitative methods and a larger sample size, to gain deeper insights into the factors influencing preschool classroom management. It also suggests that educational institutions in both countries consider implementing these well-researched proposals to enhance the effectiveness of preschool teachers’ classroom management techniques.

Keywords: comparative study, classroom management, preschool teachers, Philippines and Singapore

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