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A Comparative Study on Operational and Financial Performance of International Finance Investment and Commerce Bank Ltd and Agrani Bank Ltd in Bangladesh

Nahida Aktar1, Md. Shah Alam2
Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET)1
University of Rajshahi2





Financial and operational managements are considered to be important ways to measure profitability and liquidity of a bank. There is a close relationship between financial performance and operational performance of banks. The study aimed to determine the financial and operational management of International Finance Investment and Commerce Bank Ltd. and Agrani Bank Ltd. The study was prepared on the basis of secondary data collected from published annual reports of the banks, journals and books and so on. The technique of ratio analysis was used in order to find out liquidity and profitability of banks with a view to measuring operational and financial performance of banks covering a five (5) year periods. During analysis of the collected data, a fluctuating result was found out as International Finance Investment and Commerce Bank Ltd. is a Private bank and Agrani Bank Ltd. is a public bank. The management policy to some extent different in case of both of the banks. The study pointed out many limitations considering private and public sectors banks and assess which of the banks is in advantageous position. Lastly, the study outlined some modest possible suggestions for the betterment of financial and operational performance of banks so that the banks can contribute to the nations considerably.

Keywords: Operational performance, financial performance, profitability, liquidity empirical study, banks in Bangladesh

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