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A Narratology of Parents Scaffolding Children in the New Normal

Jocel D. Divinagracia1, Mary Ann Ronith P. Libago, MAEd2, joceldivinagracia26@gmail.com1,
Kapalong College of Agriculture, Sciences and Technology
Maniki, Kapalong, Philippines



This qualitative study employing a narrative research approach aimed to explore the experiences of five (5) parents from Kapalong West District of Kapalong, Davao del Norte, as they navigated the challenges of assisting their elementary school children in the new normal setting. Using a narratological approach, the study delved into the narratives of the participants to identify the causes of their difficulties and the lessons and reflections gained from their experiences. The findings revealed that the parents were involved in children’s learning prior to the pandemic and had additional responsibility to teach and assist children during the new normal. Participants described their journey in teaching their elementary children as difficult due to insufficient time and children being distracted. Notwithstanding these difficulties, parents gleaned valuable lessons in cultivating positive connections with their children and enhancing their patience. They also developed a newfound appreciation for the noble and satisfying aspects of teaching. This study emphasizes the crucial need to support parents in their evolving roles as educators, underscoring the significance of comprehending their narratives and perspectives. Such understanding is vital for enhancing educational outcomes during challenging times and can serve as a foundation for future initiatives aimed at addressing the concerns of parents navigating the multifaceted role of a teacher.

Keywords: elementary students, narratology approach, parents, qualitative research, scaffolding

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