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Academic Performance and Entrepreneurial Intention of Pre – Service Technology and Livelihood Education Teachers

Aaron Jed Y. Tumbali
Philippine Normal University South Luzon
Lopez, Quezon





Several studies revealed that entrepreneurship education affects the development of the intention of a person to become an entrepreneur. Cognizant of the previous findings, this study examined the entrepreneurial intention of the pre-service Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) teachers based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and determined its relationship to academic performance. The descriptive correlation research design was used to come up with an objective description of the relationship of the variables involved. The statistical treatment used was frequency, percentage, Pearson correlation and formulas developed by Icek Ajzen in the TPB. The results showed that students have satisfactory academic performance, very much favorable attitude toward becoming entrepreneurs, moderately favorable perceived subjective norm, and very much easy perceived behavioral control. The variables involved in this study revealed a negligible relationship. In light of these findings, the researcher recommends that important people belong in the university should engage themselves to entrepreneurial capability activities such as seminars, training, workshops, conferences, among others to develop entrepreneurial mindset because they were influencers of the development of entrepreneurial intention among students. Parents and other family members should be involved in entrepreneurial activities to serve as role models. Collaboration between family and the university is highly encouraged to make entrepreneurial programs effective. Moreover, by providing simulations, practicum or authentic entrepreneurial activities, students utilize practical knowledge, skills, values, and attitude; thus, these activities improve their academic performance.

Keywords: Academic Performance, Attitude, Behavioral Control, Descriptive Correlation, Entrepreneurial Intention, Philippines

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