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Academic Performance of Student-Athletes: Basis for Project Saw (Student-Athletes for the Win) A School Sports Program

Liberty D. Agustin, EdD
Department of Education – Schools Division of Santa Rosa City, Philippines
Southville IV National High School, Philippines





There are still concerns regarding physical education, sports competition, and pupils’ academic progress. The main purpose of this study is to determine whether athletic competition interferes with student athletes’ academic performance. The research involved 80 student-athletes from Southville IV National High School for the School Year 2018 – 2019. The previous school year’s data were used to determine the frequency (f) distribution and percentage (percent) of respondents’ demographic profile, academic performance level, and the highest level of sports competition received without the use of any school sports program. This research utilized the descriptive–experimental research strategy for this study. The information is acquired through descriptive research that makes use of empirical observations and measurements. Alternatively, an experimental inquiry was carried out in order to discover the cause and effect relationship in question. The variables associated with the objectives allowed the researcher to obtain data or make predictions in a variety of ways. According to past data, the majority of student-athletes were novices or youngsters who have never won a gold medal. There were just two student-athletes who have won international awards, and half of the respondents have a fairly satisfactory level of academic performance, while nearly 25% have a level of poor academic performance that resulted in unfavorable results. Because of the implementation of the Project SAW (Student-Athletes for the Win) sports program, student athletes’ academic performance has improved to the point where they have been recognized as athlete of the year as well as receiving other distinctions. Students who had previously only competed at the school level have advanced to the highest level of sports competition, which was the international level, where they are now competing. This only demonstrated that involvement in sports competition did not hinder the academic performance of student-athletes, but rather resulted in enhanced academic performance and a higher level of sports competition; thus, the recommendation for Project SAW to be used by aspiring and potential student-athletes.

Keywords: Academic Performance, Sports Program, Physical Activity, Sports Competition, StudentAthletes

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