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Active Learning Approaches in Teaching Physical Science: Direction toward Enhanced Thinking Skills of Grade 12 Senior High School Students

Krissa P. Umali1, Elisa N. Chua, Phd2
Recto Memorial National High School, Tiaong Quezon, Philippines1, Laguna State Polytechnic University-San Pablo City Campus, Philippines2




The study attuned the learners’ preferred modality of learning and teaching methods through inventory of students’ preferences in terms of active learning approaches, find out the effects of the employment of respondents’ preferred approaches in enhancing low order and high order thinking skills in Physical Science subject and ascertain the most effective to enhance such skills. To align the preferred learning and teaching approaches of both the students and the teachers, the study purposively involved 92 students from three different sections of Grade 12 in Recto Memorial National High School, Tiaong Quezon and employed experimental method of research. Using inventory, t-test, and ANOVA as statistical tools, findings revealed that the preferred active learning approaches of the Senior High School Students are collaborative, inquiry-based, and reflective. Moreover, both the mean pre and post-tests in low and high order thinking skills of the three (3) preferred active approaches were found to have a significant difference. However, there are no significant differences among analyzing and evaluating sub-skills, and applying sub-skill of the three groups and higher order thinking skills of the groups particularly in creating sub-skill. Finally, there are significant differences among the low order thinking skills of the groups specifically in remembering and understanding sub-skills.

Keywords: Active Learning Approaches, Inventory of Preferred Active Learning Approaches, Thinking Skills, Lower Order Thinking Subskills, High Order Subskills

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