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Alternative Delivery Mode in Academic Performance of Junior High School Students Towards Proposed Implementation Guidelines

Jonny Niez
Philippine Christian University, Manila, Philippines



This study investigates the impact of alternate delivery methods on the academic performance of junior high school students at Bayugan National Comprehensive High School during the second grading period of the 2022-2023 school year. Employing descriptive research methods, the study focused on the “what” aspects of the issue, using a survey to gather data from 35 students enrolled in alternative delivery modes. Academic performance was measured using students’ average grades. The survey, divided into categories like learning resources and digital packets, revealed a significant correlation between alternative delivery modes and academic achievement, as indicated by a Spearman Rho p-value of 0.000. These findings provide valuable insights for future research and educational strategies in various delivery modes.

Keywords: Alternative delivery mode, Learning resource materials, Digital packets, Worksheets/ Activity sheets, and Printed modules

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