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Anak Ka Ng Tatay at Nanay Mo: Children of Department of Education Employees (The Perquisites and Drawbacks of Being Children of Department of Education Employees)

Teresa Angela Marie C. Basilan1, Veronica Andrei V. Maranan2
Bauan Technical High School Batangas, Philippines





Teaching is one of those careers that brings a great impact to the society. Moreover, teachers who are the prime movers of the academic institutions prioritize all which concerns their students’ learning as future performers of the country. This scenario obviously leaves their children behind in their domestic domains. This same scenario brings their children to be conscious of the perception of people around them since they are children of Department of Education (DepEd) employees. In the research locale, this qualitative research aimed to determine the children’s view about their DepEd employee parents with regard to the nature of the profession, schedule, duties and responsibilities. As the research maximized discourse analysis with thematic scheme, the study lets the researchers to divulge the advantages and disadvantages of being children of DepEd employees and how they cope up with both inside and outside school campus; analyze their own perceptions toward self in terms of social behavior, attitude, and academic performance. Significantly, the study reflected that even the children experienced the challenges and difficulty of their parents’ work which demands outstanding patience and love for work with other significant professional and work virtues. On the contrary, the study also revealed the behaviors and attitudes set by the parents and the society to the children of the said public school teachers leading to positive and negative notions. Yet, more significantly, the study revealed the coping mechanisms needed by the parents and children amidst the work setup and trials between them. The respondents see themselves conscious, careful, motivated and inspired because of their parents’ work. In the end, the study proposed an annual culminating activity which got an overwhelming evaluation rate.

Keywords: Department of Education, culminating activity, behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, academic performance, discourse analysis, coding, thematic scheme

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