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Appraisal of Multicultural Education in Higher Education

Dr. Amor L. Borbon
St. Bridget College
Batangas City, Philippines




The study explores on the assessment of the Multicultural Education in St. Bridget College, Batangas City in the following areas: School Community and Policy, Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Services. This utilized a descriptive method with a researcher-made questionnaire based on the works of Banks. Mean, standard deviation, percentage, Cronbach alpha, and T-test were used in the study. Findings revealed that Multicultural Education is observed in the institution. More so, no significant difference is determined in the perceptions of both teachers and students regarding their assessment of the school program. Subsequently, the findings suggest that the strengths to be enhanced in the Multicultural Education Program in the institution are the School Community and Policy, Curriculum and Instruction. On the other hand, the student services area needs to be improved based on total quality assurance. Thus, the study recommends Multicultural Education Program to be part of the institutional development plan. In-service training could also be conducted to increase the level of awareness of faculty and students on Multicultural Education and how to effectively integrate it into the classroom and school policy.

Keywords: Multicultural Education, Diversity of learners, Higher Education, Descriptive, Philippines

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