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Approaches in Teaching Literature Employed by Senior
High School Teachers

Robin C. Parojenog
Biabas Trade High School
Biabas, Ubay, Bohol, Philippines





Teachers are known to be versatile. They are equipped with different knowledge and skills for them to be prepared in handling the diversity of learners. It is a fact that each day, they are faced with this challenge as each learner is noted to be unique. Thus, they have different ways of how they should be taught in school. One of the challenges being encountered by educators is on maximizing students’ comprehension, especially on literature subjects. Therefore, different approaches have been proposed to accommodate the needs of every learner when it comes to studying literature. This study aimed to analyze the process of teaching and learning of literature among senior high school teachers based on the K to 12 Curriculum for the English subject. Specifically, it sought to find out the teaching learning activities being conducted by the four senior high school literature teachers. It also looked into the teaching approaches mostly preferred by the four senior high school literature teachers. As an offshoot of this study, an instructional module for literature was designed. The study utilized both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The questionnaire, classroom observation, and interview schedule were used to answer the research questions. This study was limited to the approaches in teaching literature employed by selected senior high school teachers who were handling literature subjects in senior high school in the second district of Ubay, Bohol. The aforementioned findings led the researcher to conclude that the ultimate goal in learning literature is to let the students appreciate its content by using a variety of approaches gleaned from the teaching techniques used by the teachers. Thus, an instructional module was designed to enhance learning by applying the different approaches in teaching literature. This book will serve as a guide to Senior High School literature teachers for them to use varied approaches in teaching the subject for the enhancement of learning. It is recommended that a variety of strategies may be used by teachers in teaching literature to develop not only the cognitive but also the affective and psychomotor domains.

Keywords: Approaches, Factors, Methods, Techniques, Self-Assessment

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