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Approaches in Teaching Literature in Public Secondary Schools of Southern Nueva Vizcaya

Vilmar A. Del Rosario
Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, Region 2, Philippines




This study aimed to assess the degree of utilization on the approaches employed in teaching Literature, determine the most common used techniques, and propose a Learning and Development Activity (LDA) to improve the quality of its teaching-learning. The quantitative research design was used in this descriptive research and adapted the Teaching Literature Component of Hwang and Embi (2007) to collect the data from 35 Junior and Senior High School literature teachers in Southern Nueva Vizcaya particularly at Bambang National High School, Aritao National High School, and Santa Fe National High School, school year 2021-2022. More so, weighted mean was employed as statistical tool to analyze and interpret the data gathered. Research revealed that most of the Literature teachers employed information-based approach, followed by moral-philosophical approach, personal-response approach, paraphrastic approach, language-based approach, and lastly, the stylistic approach. Reflections of information-based approach and moral-philosophical approach were disclosed as the most common used techniques in teaching Literature. Hence, a learning and development activity (LDA) that explores stylistic approach and language-based approach was proposed to enhance the skills of Literature teachers particularly in designing an improved instructional plan.

 Keywords: Approaches, Instructional Plans, Learning and Development Activity, Teaching Literature, Techniques

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