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Assessment of Customer Satisfaction on Home – Based Catering Business in Cabadbaran City: Basis for Enhancement Program

Walter B. Juera
Caraga State University, Cabadbaran Campus
Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte, Philippines





A business should strive to achieve customer satisfaction. The study aimed to formulate an enhancement program on customer satisfaction among home-based catering businesses in Cabadbaran City, Philippines, where 250 customers served as the respondents of the study. The researcher used the quantitative non-experimental research design using a survey method in this study. Moreover, results revealed that customers agreed in their expectation that home-based catering business much evidently met the quality of food and is at par comparable to established hotels and restaurants; offers a more personalized service compared to others; have a very satisfactory quality service; and is reliable in fulfilling contractual agreements. Furthermore, results showed that customer’s overall evaluation in perceived quality after purchasing or availing home-based catering services had been met. The customer’s quality, customization, and reliability experience also displayed a very satisfactory and much experienced post-purchase transaction towards home-based catering business. Moreover, results revealed that customers were very satisfied with the value of services given the price as well as its value-based attributes. Overall, customers were highly satisfied with the food quality of home-based catering business. The researcher made a matrix on the proposed enhancement program.

Keywords: Business, home-based catering, customer satisfaction, enhancement program, quantitative design, Philippines

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