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Assessment of School Critical Safety Concerns

Zorabel Maria A. Delos Reyes
Manila, Philippines





The school is every child’s second home and safety are everyone’s business. The best safety effort will involve all aspects of the child’s school, including classroom instruction, school services, and school climate. The focus of this study was to assess the critical safety concerns of Bauan Technical High School, Batangas, Philippines as perceived by the senior high students. Schools are expected to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and standards relating to safety. The study determined the gender and age of the respondents. It also assessed the perception regarding school critical safety along with the school policy, comprehensive safety plan, school building, school grounds, procedures in handling visitors, emergency communication, transportation rules and accident procedures, illegal activities, respect for persons, and getting help. Among the ten safety concerns, handling visitors was observed to a very great extent while illegal activities were observed to a less extent. The descriptive method of research was applied in the study with the questionnaire as the data gathering instrument. The findings were derived from the responses of the 100 senior students comprised 59% male and 41% female teenagers whose age ranges from 15 to 18 years old. Procedures in handling visitors had the highest average which was observed to a very great extent and the other safety concerns were observed to a great extent while illegal activities were observed to a less extent. A proposed school safety activity shall further enhance the school safety program. In general, the school implemented critical safety measures in different concerns under the parameter of this study. High commitment to various safety concerns must be continued, and emergency procedure in case of bomb threat may be strengthened. Future researchers may continue this study with teachers and administrators as the respondents and may conduct studies that may be related to the current research in another research locale.

Keywords: Critical Safety Concerns, Senior High School Students, School Safety Activities, Descriptive Method, Bauan Technical High School, Philippines

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