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Assessment of Teaching English Language Skills: Input to Digitized Activities for Campus Journalism Advisers

Ma. Leticia Jose C. Basilan1; Maycee Padilla2;,
Department of Education- SDO Batangas Province
Batangas, Philippines1-2


Effective English language teaching plays a pivotal role in achieving better performance in the campus journalism field. Accordingly, the researchers believe in the significance of enhancing the skills of advisers in teaching the language, providing ideas for managing the publication, and aiding them with innovative material. This study aimed to determine the extent of manifestation of teaching language skills relative to campus journalism. Moreover, it identified the challenges of campus paper advisers. Also, it developed digitized language activities for campus paper advisers. Parallel to this, it employed a descriptive method of research. Respondents were seventy-five (75) school paper advisers in Calatagan District. The statistical tools used were the weighted mean and Pearson correlation coefficient. Findings revealed that teachers’ level of teaching the English language was moderately competent. Also, findings exposed the challenges of advisers such as performing journalism tasks due to ancillary works, language skills, journalistic style, and method. The digitized language activities were prepared to provide the teachers with venues of teaching language skills through activities and applications in various journalism tasks. Thus, it recommended additional journalism training and materials, and innovative tools focusing on the four language skills. Also, it suggested that a similar study may be accomplished to determine other activities that could enhance language skills and school paper advisors.

Keywords: Assessment of Teaching, English Language Skills, Digitized Activities, Campus Journalism

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