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Conference awards are organized with the intention of valuing one’s contribution to the field of research and encouraging them for more active involvement for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

Considering the marks given by the committee and the Conference Chairs, the highest scoring presentations shall be recommended for the following awards.

Best Presentation Award

Offered for outstanding presentation considering every presenter of the conference, which is the most inspiring, effective and professional and are delivered through an impact, authoritative and engaging speaker.

Based on the marks given by the evaluation committee for every presentation and Conference Chairs’ own reading of the papers, Conference Chairs and other members of the Board decides which presentation will receive the Best Presentation Award.

Best Abstract Award

In order to identify outstanding work by participants across the globe, the Best Abstract award will be given for an excellent Abstract paper, based on the marks given by the evaluation committee and the Conference Chairs’  own reading of the papers.

Best Paper Award

In order to identify Best Paper Award, conference organizing committee has appointed Conference chairs and other Board Committee to evaluate the research paper, Conference Chairs and other member of the Board decides which research paper will receive the Best Paper Award.

Author/s Citation Award

Author/s citation award is given to the participants who have achieved research impact as evidenced by their citation count and H- index.