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Best Practices In Brigada Eskwela of Secondary Schools in Batangas Province

Dr. Larry F. Garcia
Department of Education,
Batangas Province, Bolbok Batangas City, Philippines
Department of Education – Balete National High School
Bubuyan, Mataas na kahoy, Batangas, Philippines




The study focused on best practices in implementing Brigada Eskwela among secondary schools in Batangas Province. Specifically, it aimed to identify the salient features of the Brigada Eskwela Work Plan, and assess the extent of implementation of Brigada Eskwela covering scope of work conducted, resource mobilization, school personnel participation, and community involvement. In addition, the study assessed how Brigada Eskwela broadened community support to basic education relative to curricular activities enrichment, physical facilities improvement, and unity of purpose. Likewise, the issues and opportunities brought by Brigada Eskwela were determined. This study used the descriptive method of research with the questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument using Slovin’s formula at 5 percent margin of error. Statistical tools used in the analysis of data were weighted mean, one-way analysis of variance, and Brown-forsy and Scheffe tests. Results revealed that the respondents agreed that Brigada Eskwela is a product of collaborative effort, taps the spirit of volunteerism, and allows people from different sectors to extend help to the schools every year, which are the most salient features of the program. Further, Brigada Eskwela broadens community support to basic education relative to curricular activities enrichment and physical facilities improvement to a moderate extent, while it supports basic education to a great extent in terms of unity of purpose. The primary issue in Brigada Eskwela is following the implementing rules and regulations of the program to make it successful. Statistical analysis showed no significant differences on the assessments of the three groups of respondents in terms of the extent of implementation and support to basic education. However, significant differences were found on opportunities brought by Brigada Eskwela.

Keywords: Dissertation, Brigada Eskwela, Best Practices, Descriptive Method

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