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Blended Teaching in Tertiary Education: Framework for Building the Capacity of HEI for Paradigm Shift

Zamboanga Peninsula Polytechnic State University
Zamboanga City, Philippines




The study determined the learners’ preparedness and acceptability of blended learning in the higher education educational landscape. The study was quantitative in nature and used a survey that was delivered by a purposive sampling of respondents. The findings demonstrated a high level of satisfaction among learners in the overall characteristics of blended learning. The results also revealed a very high approval rate for the adoption of blended teaching pedagogy. The findings provide a better understanding of the importance of technology in the classroom will aid educators and policymakers in formulating methods to expand the quality assurance framework to include blended learning approaches as well as improve the government’s mobilization in the procurement of ICT resources for every classroom.

Keywords: Blended Teaching-Learning, Education 4.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution

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