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Building Leaders for Tomorrow: A Comprehensive Succession Planning Model for Higher Education Institutions

Dennis C. Camatog, DBA, LPT, FMERU, FMERC1, Jay A. Sario, DBA, PD-SML2,,
Parañaque City College
Coastal Road Corner Victor Medina Street, San Dionisio, Parañaque City



This study delves into the practice of succession planning in higher education institutions, with a particular focus on the localized context of the Province of Cavite, Philippines. Employing a grounded theory research design, the study utilizes structured interviews as its primary research method to extract insights from key personnel directly. The investigation centers on the key attributes, including organizational commitment, skills assessment, talent evaluation, leadership development, selection processes, transition implementation, and integration of succession planning. The findings uncovered a spectrum of commitment levels among personnel, identified skill gaps in potential successors, underscored limitations in leadership development initiatives, and highlighted the subjective nature of leadership selection criteria. A crucial observation was the misalignment between the goals of succession planning and the broader institutional objectives. However, it’s important to note that the qualitative approach adopted in this study may limit the generalizability of its findings. In conclusion, this research underscores the significant role of organizational culture in effective succession planning, offers practical recommendations applicable to higher education institutions globally, and calls for further research in this area. The study’s uniqueness lies in its localized perspective, comprehensive objectives, and contribution to understanding the influence of organizational culture in the context of succession planning within the higher education sector.

Keywords: Educational Leadership and Management; Succession Planning, Organizational Culture; Grounded Theory, Structured Interviews; Province of Cavite, Philippines

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