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Campus Journalism Practices Among State Universities of CALABARZON

Aleli Abad-Dadayan
Batangas State University ARASOF-Nasugbu
Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines





Campus Journalism plays a huge part in Philippine Education. The management of the Student Publication led to the use of campus journalism practices to achieve journalism goals and objectives of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) pursuant to the Campus Journalism Act of 1991. This study aimed to describe the profile of respondents, assess the campus journalism practices, and relate the assessment to the journalism practices and students’ profile variables in state universities of CALABARZON. The researcher utilized the descriptive method of research using qualitative and quantitative approaches. There was a total of 437 respondents from the five state universities. A researcher-made questionnaire and a focus group discussion (FGD) were utilized in the study. Weighted mean, frequency/percentage, and Chi-square of Independence were the statistical tools used. Based on the data gathered, it was found out that the campus journalism practices used in planning, management, production and distribution, and participation during competitions were moderately manifested. However, some of the campus journalism practices in budgeting were least manifested. The findings further revealed that the degree program, years of experience as a campus journalist, and seminars/workshops/conference attendance were the profile variables significantly related to campus journalism practices. The results suggested the creation of a creative management plan for the improvement and upgrade of campus journalism practices of HEIs.

Keywords: budgeting, campus journalism practices, creative management plan, management, planning

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