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Challenges and Coping Mechanisms in Supervision of the Instructional Leaders in the New Normal

Glenda C. Magno
Bataan Peninsula State University, Bataan, Philippines



Supervision is an important role of instructional leaders in the new normal and is a pressing global issue. The study found out what challenges and coping mechanisms instructional leaders faced in supervising in the new normal. This is a pressing global issue that is of great interest to stakeholders. This mixed research method involved 102 faculty respondents and 6 Deans of the different Bataan Peninsula State University colleges. Results showed that 26 or 25.49% of the respondents belong to the age group of 32 to 39 years old. The Deans were designated as early as 3 months to 12 years. Their supervision experiences with the teachers and students include difficulties in monitoring teachers and students and innovative methods of instruction. Data showed that the deans considered planning a program for curriculum development (Mean=3.54, SD=0.82) as very challenging. Data indicate that a significant difference is not evident in the perception of teacher-respondents on the challenges their deans met in the new normal and the deans’ coping mechanisms in resolving the challenges they met in the new normal when grouped according to the length of service. The analysis using Spearman’s rho indicates a very weak positive correlation between coping mechanisms and the challenges in planning a program for curriculum development, implementing a definite program of supervision, and providing leadership in the professional upgrading of the faculty. The p-values which are statistically lesser than the alpha of .05 indicate that there is not enough evidence to claim that the relationship is significant, thus, it fails to reject the null hypothesis. The challenges that were experienced in supervision included the Dearth of Resources, Communication, and Age barriers. Coping mechanisms that they employed include versatility and flexibility in leadership. Supervisory competencies of instructional lead include Interpersonal Skills.

Keywords: Challenges and Coping Mechanisms, Convergent Mixed Method, Instructional Leaders, New Normal, Philippines

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