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Challenges and Opportunities in Online Distance Learning Modality in One Public Secondary School in the Philippines

Franz Kevin B. Manalo1, Vladimir P. Reyes2, Anna Margarita B. Bundalian3
1,2Philippine Normal University Manila
3Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus
1,2,3San Pablo City Science Integrated High School, Department of Education, Philippines





The Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan of the Department of Education highlights the use of different learning delivery modalities to assure that education continues amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Online distance learning modality (ODLM) has become increasingly available to provide new pathways of learning experiences during emergency remote education. This study was conducted to determine the students’ perceived challenges and opportunities in ODLM at a public secondary school in the Division of San Pablo City. Convergent parallel mixed methods research design was employed; survey questionnaires were administered to 300 respondents who were selected from Grades 7 to 12 learners through stratified random sampling. To analyze the data, mean and standard deviation were computed. To verify the results, in-depth interview was conducted among 12 purposively selected participants. Thematic analysis was then used to interpret these responses. Results proved that majority of the students did not perceive motivation, learning resources, support system, and digital self-efficacy as challenges. Despite these satisfactory results, there are still students who encounter challenges such as lack of motivation, unstable internet connection, and voluminous tasks. Moreover, majority of them perceived self-directed learning, learning outcomes, convenience and ease, and accessibility as opportunities. Students take responsibility of their own learning, develop digital literacy, and improve time management skills. Opportunities are evident; however, challenges are inevitable. School administrators, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders should work together to deliver quality education among learners despite the change in learning modality. An action plan is proposed to lessen the challenges and strengthen the opportunities in ODLM.

Keywords: Convergent parallel mixed methods research, challenges, opportunities, online distance learning modality, Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan, action plan, Philippines

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