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Challenges of Junior High School Chemistry Learners in an Enriched Virtual Mode

Apple Grace C. Garingo1, Elsa L. Cajucom2,
Saint Mary’s University, Philippines1-2


This study identified the experienced challenges of junior high school chemistry learners of private and public schools in parts of Nueva Vizcaya in the enriched virtual mode. A qualitative approach was used to describe the lived and actual experiences of the learners. Responses gathered from the Google Form link of the four open-ended questions were coded, clustered into categories, and derived into emerging themes. Results from the learners’ responses revealed three emerging themes regarding their challenges—pedagogical, technological, and sociological. Pedagogical challenges revolved around their learning environment, inability to understand the lesson, quality of learning materials, limited access to learning resources, and overloaded lesson activities. Problems with technological insufficiency and technological literacy were under technological challenges and time management, lack of interest, lack of confidence, too many social media distractions, lack of support, difficulty in establishing connection and communication, and compromised health and wellness of the learners were among the specific sociological challenges. In conclusion, the unprecedented uncertainties brought by the sudden shift of learning modalities brought immense difficulties on the part of chemistry learners.

Keywords: pedagogical challenges, technological challenges, sociological challenges, distance learning modalities

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