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Closer Look on Relation of Work-Family and Family-Work Conflict on Teachers’ Productivity during Work from Home Condition

Osmerando P. Alcantara Jr.
Tanauan City Integrated High School, Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines





Teachers’ daily life mostly revolves on two important field- home and work. Thus, establishing harmonious multiple roles significantly increases interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict to the teachers who simultaneously maintain personal and professional roles. Due to rise of COVID-19 pandemic, teachers nowadays are more pressured to maintain equilibrium between home and work roles. With the shift of working conditions, teachers have to balance the multiple roles due to work from home condition. Familywork conflict (FWC) and work-family conflicts (WFC) as well as teachers’ work productivity (WP) were determined, their relationship and responses differences base on profile were also looked at. This correlational research applied a judgmental sampling, and considered online teachers as respondents. After the test-retest reliability, the researcher distributed the questionnaire via messenger using Google form. A Cronbach Alpha of 0.912 and KMO value 0.789 justify the instruments and sampling as reliable and adequate. It was then identified that teachers do experience WFC and FWC which signifies that there is a complicated multiple role functioning and interference. Indicators of WP illustrates that due to WFH set-up, some tasks were not met by teachers. The significant relationship between WFC and FWC to WP and differences WFC, FWC, and WP responses based on a profile were observed. It elicits in understanding teachers’ condition in WFH set-up and productivity impact of it. Thus, results are helpful to spearhead programs and activities that may ease burnout and decision fatigue among teachers.

Keywords: Role Conflict, Teachers’ Productivity, Work-Family, Family-Work

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