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Comparative Study on Hospitality Management Instructors’ Teaching Competence and Students’ Performance in the Hospitality Industry

Marlon Dennis C. Ochoa, MBA
Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology
Fort Pilar Shrine, Zamboanga City, Philippines





The College of Management and Technology offers a program of Bachelor of Sciences in Hospitality Management. It is a course program that delivers education to people who are interested to establish a career in the hospitality industry. The program is related to the fields of hospitality and tourism education which equip students with competencies that are needed to execute operational tasks and management functions in food production, accommodation, food, and beverage service, tourism planning and product development, events planning, transportation services, travel, and tour operations and other emerging sectors of hospitality and tourism industry. Accordingly, the researcher aimed to determine the teaching competencies of the hospitality management instructors in relation to the performance of the students in the hospitality industry. The study utilized the descriptive-quantitative research design and survey questionnaire method. A comparison of means was employed too. Findings revealed that the Hospitality Management Instructors are well equipped with the teaching competencies required for the students to perform in the hospitality industry in accordance to the industry standards. The results of the study are helpful to the department in further enhancing the competencies of its instructors to deliver quality education to its students.

Keywords: Hospitality Management, Hospitality Education, Hospitality Industry, Teaching competence

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