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Competency Assessment of Batangas Marine Protected Area and Bantay Dagat Networks: Basis for Capacity Development Program

Marivic P. Esmas1, Hermogenes B. Panganiban2
Provincial Government of Batangas Environment and Natural Resources Office1
Batangas State University, Philippines2





Competency of people determines the fate of the organizations in any endeavor. This study assessed the levels of competencies of people involved in a conservation strategy in the form of a marine protected area (MPA) and a Bantay Dagat (BD) networks in the Province of Batangas. It aimed to formulate a capacity development program that is tailor-fitted to needs assuring the success of this strategy. The study used purposive sampling method in the conduct of survey, key informant interviews (KII) and focus group discussion (FGD) with seventy-nine (79) respondents, sixteen (16) are senior managers, thirteen (13) are skilled workers, forty (40) are MPA stakeholders and 10 are technical specialist respectively. The study used statistical tools such as frequency distribution, percentage, weighted mean and Chi-square. Findings revealed that Level of competencies of all MPA managers and BD in planning and communication are high while the level of competencies of some MPA managers and BD are low to moderate in financing, enforcement and monitoring and evaluation. Stakeholders were satisfied in the competencies of MPA managers and BD in terms of planning and communication and moderately satisfied in terms of financing, enforcement and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Difference on the level of competencies of MPA manager and BD in knowledge in enforcement and M&E was significant when grouped according to their age. Problems, issues, and challenges fall under: Fiscal Administration, Human Resources Management/Human Resource Development, Organizational Structure, Public Policy and Program Administration, Technology Management, Voluntary Sector Management/People Involvement, and Environmental Management.

Keywords: competency, conservation strategy, marine protected area, Bantay Dagat, Province of Batangas

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