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Competency – Based Learning Assesment and Learners’ Scientific Literacy

Marietoni D. Quesea1, Elisa N. Chua, PhD2
1Silangang Malicboy, National High School, Department of Education

2Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus, Philippines





The study focused to determine the competency-based learning assessment and the scientific literacy knowledge skills of the Grade 9 students of Silangang Malicboy National High School. There were 187 Grade 9 students in the said school. Three sections out of five sections of Grade 9 were tapped as respondents of the study. Each group consisted of 40 students. The first group was exposed to the proficiency-based while the second group used mastery-based and the third group the outcome-based. The researcher made lesson plan wherein the different competencybased learning assessments were attached. This assessment tool was used by the different groups to develop and enhance their scientific literacy knowledge skills. The lesson plan with 40 items pre and post assessments and the checklist questionnaires were validated by the master teachers, research adviser and panelists. The study employed the experimental design using the pretest – posttest. The performance of Grade 9 students in the pre-assessment as to their scientific literacy knowledge skills such as critical thinking and decision-making fell under “Approaching Proficiency” level while in the investigative skills and problem solving, most students were under the “Beginning” level. On the other hand, when the students used the competencybased learning assessment, their performance improved and developed which was supported by the result of their post assessment under the “Advanced” level. Result also indicates that there was a significant difference in the performance of the students in pre and post assessments when they were exposed to the competency-based learning assessment as to critical thinking, investigative skills, problem solving and decision-making. This reveals that using the said assessment tool, it can enhance the scientific literacy knowledge skills of the students.

Keywords: Competency-based Learning Assessment, Scientific Literacy Skills, Proficiency based, Mastery based, Outcome based

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