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Content Validity Index: An Application of Validating CIPP Instrument for Programme Evaluation

Massitah Kipli1,
Ahmad Zamri Khairani2
School of Educational Studies
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia





Validation is crucial in ensuring that the results obtained are reliable in addressing the problem of a study. The objective of this paper is to discuss on the use of Content Validity Index (CVI) to validate the instrument constructed based on the Context, Input, Process, and Product (CIPP) model that is used to evaluate an educational programme. Five content experts were consulted, and by using the Expert Panel Rating Sheet (EPRS), their responses were further calculated through item-level CVI (ICVI) and scale level CVI (S-CVI) method. The result yielded an acceptable level of validity where five percent of the items from the survey were either omitted or modified while 90 percent were maintained. Self-administered questionnaires were next distributed online to students, lecturers, graduates and employers for pilot testing and achieved a high level of the alpha coefficient, which translated to high reliability. The final result indicated that the instrument was valid and reliable to be used for programme evaluation in educational studies.

Keywords: Content Validity Index (CVI), instrument validation, content experts, methodology study, programme evaluation

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