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Converge CID (Connect, Innovate, Deliver): Curriculum Implementation Advancement in SDO Batangas Province

Mario B. Maramot 1 Ma. Leticia Jose C. Basilan2 Macaria Carina C. Carandang3
Rolando S. Casanova4 Loreta V. Ilao5 Gina M. Laksamana6 Rosalinda A. Mendoza7
Jimmy J. Morillo8 Elizabeth R. Tolentino9 Michael B. Ularte10
Department of Education- SDO Batangas province
Batangas, Philippines





experience they can offer. Teachers experience obstacles every day in their work or mission. They need to know the inevitability of being inspired to do their job better, motivating learners in classroom. This research aimed to achieve the objectives of distinguishing the overall effectiveness of the teaching approaches used by Senior high-level teachers in the SDO Batangas Province, as well as the teaching approaches preferred by teachers and students as the safest and most successful teaching approach appropriate for secondary school learners in selected common content areas. Correlated to this, the researchers used mixed method correlation designs that studied the roundup of the instructional approaches commonly used by senior high teachers and the professed teaching approaches of the students that would assess the least successful teaching approaches that would eventually be adopted by the entire teaching force. The research found that the commonly used Experiential Learning Instructional approach of the teachers is the most efficient training approach, and the least effective is teaching. Also, Experiential Learning, Active Learning and Demonstration are the top three (3) teaching approaches that excelled and were found to be popular as students professed. The research showed no significant distinction between teaching methods of teachers and teaching approaches in different topic areas. Finally, a Teaching Stratagem Database, a website with teaching materials, was proposed to tutor and coach teachers using effective teaching practices to develop and create teaching techniques used in their respective classrooms.

Keywords: instructional approaches, senior high school, Teaching Stratagem Database.

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