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Critical Thinking Skills Emotional Intelligence and Performance of Pre-Service Teacher

Dr. Nemer B. Del Castillo
Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College Ajuy Campus
San Antonio, Ajuy, Iloilo, Philippines





This descriptive-correlational research was designed to determine the critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and performance of pre-service teachers. This mixed qualitative-quantitative research was responded by three hundred eighty-two pre-service teachers coming from the six campuses of Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College system offering teacher education program. Percentage, mean, chi-square and content analysis were used to determine the data needed for this research. Major findings revealed that here was high level of critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and performance of pre-service teachers. The respondents’ profile in terms of age sex and course has no significant relationship. Significant relationships were noted in the portfolio and actual demonstration teaching; emotional intelligence and pre-service teaching performance; academic performance and pre-service teaching performance; and academic performance and emotional intelligence. There are significant differences noted between the profile and the critical thinking skills and the emotional intelligence of the respondents. The admission policy of the teacher education should include critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence as part of the criteria in selecting the students entering the program in addition to their teaching aptitude aspects. The monitoring and evaluation process of the student teaching performance particularly on the type of evaluation instrument should be improved by institutional standards for the whole system and the rubrics for evaluating the demonstration teaching must be agreed upon and approved by the board of trustees.

Keywords: Critical thinking skills, Education, Emotional intelligence, Pre-service teachers, Teachers, Teaching performance

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