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Determinants of Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake Intentions among Employees, Parents, and Students in an Educational Institution

Dr. Gloria B. Abrazado1, Dr. Carmelita M. Coronel2
Republic Central Colleges, Angeles City Philippines1-2





One of the most affected sectors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is the education sector as many classrooms in the world remained closed. To reopen the schools safely, it is important to vaccinate the members of the academic community. This descriptive-correlational research aimed to determine the factors that may influence the willingness of the students, parents, and employees to receive COVID-19 vaccines for the safe reopening of campus. A total of 877 responses were included in the analysis. Spearman rho was used to correlate the variables. The results showed that generally, the participants have a moderate level of knowledge about the COVID-19 vaccines and that they were concerned about the serious side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine; however, they were positive on the importance and benefits of the vaccine. The majority were undecided to receive the COVID-19 vaccines. The results further revealed that the determinants of vaccine uptake intentions among the participants in the education institution were age, educational qualifications, the extent of knowledge about the vaccine, and attitude towards the vaccine. A carefully planned communication strategy and education campaigns can help to influence the behavior of the students, parents, and school employees particularly the young adults on their vaccine uptake intentions. Topics on COVID 19 disease and vaccination may be integrated with the curriculum to promote widespread confidence in the vaccines.

Keywords: COVID 19 vaccines, vaccine uptake intention, health profile, attitude, Spearman rho, Philippines

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