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Differentiated Teaching Strategies of Selected Topics in Biology

Riza Mae S. Sanchez1, Genelita S. Garcia2, Josephine E. Tondo3,
Philippine Normal University, Taft Avenue Manila, Philippines





Differentiated instruction has been gaining acknowledgment in different academic areas such as English and Mathematics. However, there were no studies that have been conducted about differentiated instruction in Biology, so, the researcher compared the effects of differentiated instruction and traditional method in teaching Biology. Using true experimental research design, the following results were obtained. The least mastered topics were: Cell Division, Genetics and Digestive System which were differentiated. The activities and lesson plans used in the differentiated group were tailored on their learning styles. The researcher used Percentage Frequency Distributions and Ranking Arithmetic Mean, Coefficient Variation, Standard Deviation, F test and Randomized Block Design using One Way Anova as statistical tools. A significant difference between the posttest and pretest scores of the two groups was identified. Differentiated group had greater achievement compared to traditional group. When categorized according to their learning styles, it was revealed that there was no significant difference in their post achievement scores. Lastly, a significant difference was found among the change scores of the differentiated group when categorized according to their learning styles. Findings revealed that using differentiated teaching strategies was effective in increasing the achievement level of students. In creating lesson plans and activities, congruency of the learning input in the learning styles of the students must be considered.

Keywords: achievement scores, differentiated teaching strategies, kinesthetic, learning styles, visual

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