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Digital Attendance and Accomplishment Report Monitoring System (DIGIATT)

Epifelward Niño O. Amora1, Kennery V. Romero2, Rennan C. Amoguis3,
Jonas E. Olandria, Ph.D.4, Evangeline N. Olandria5, Alma Mae J. Bernales6, Pamela Joy B. Romero7
Bohol Island State University – Candijay Campus, Cogtong, Candijay, Bohol 1-7





DigiAtt is a system designed in order to help fill in the gaps by the current online attendance system which uses google forms as major means in sending daily time record (DTR) and accomplishment reports. The drawback of the previous system is the difficulty of tracking the DTR and accomplishment reports as it records separate responses daily. However, DigiAtt features a mobile application that made DTR and Accomplishment Reports submission convenient to the employees and to the supervisors. The app collects both DTR and Accomplishment Reports before logging out, which helps the institution to monitor employee’s performance. This also features a web application that contains dashboard for easy monitoring and printing of reports needed by the administration for the work from home arrangements. The researchers carried-out this using the Agile: Scrum methodology of software engineering which enables the team to break the user stories/tasks according to its priority, daily standup meetings and consistent communication efforts with the stakeholders until a fully shippable product will be delivered.

Keywords: Mobile Attendance, Online Attendance, Accomplishment Report, Monitoring System, Web Application, Philippines

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