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Disaster Vulnerability Assessment of Selected Jails Under Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in CALABARZON

Dr. Ritchel Fabros Hernandez1, Dr. Razel M. Ingco2
Batangas State University, Batangas City1,2
Batangas City, Philippines





The study evaluated the disaster preparedness of selected penitentiaries under BJMP in CALABARZON areas as to identify the profile of jails as assessed in terms of strategic location, jail infrastructure and construction, jail equipment and jail vehicles; to present the profile of the respondents in terms of job position, designation, years in service, trainings attended, and educational attainment; to determine the jail personnel’s assessment on disaster preparedness in terms of the following disasters: earthquake, typhoon, and flood; to design an intervention program on disaster preparedness which may be proposed to manage jail operations of Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in CALABARZON area. The study utilized descriptive research design specifically the quantitative methods with the questionnaire survey as the major tool for gathering data and evaluation from 161 jail personnel chosen through a lottery method with interviews and focus group discussions (FGD). Statistical treatment was applied utilizing frequencies, percentage, weighted mean and Pearson-R product correlation. The disaster preparedness described in terms of strategic location as jail location on CALABARZON are within the city or municipality capital since they are located near the city hall. The study revealed that the jail is equipped in terms of organizational management and available resources; the jail personnel are slightly equipped with readiness during flood in terms of strategic location, infrastructure and construction and the significant relationship between profile variables and the respondents’ assessment of their disaster preparedness varies.

Keywords: Disaster, Vulnerability, Jail Management, Mixed Method, Philippines

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