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Economic and Livelihood Benchmarking: A Basis for Community Extension Program Activities

Rome B. Moralista, Ph.D1, Roger B. Rueda, Ph.D2, Erly M. Martir, Ph.D3
Tommy M. Artajo, Ph.D4, Ronilo G. Berondo, Ed.D5
Guimaras State University
Philippines, ASEAN



Evaluating the economic and livelihood programs that can be implemented by different barangays in the Municipality of Buenavista, Guimaras Island, as well as the economic programs that can be linked to the livelihood programs of barangay officials in the Municipality of Buenavista, Guimaras Island. Through benchmarking, this descriptive study aimed to highlight the Guimaras State College’s community engagement. Findings revealed that most residents in the neighborhood were identified as “agree” in the economic benchmarking and as “agree” in the livelihood benchmarking. Accordingly, implementing extension programs for the school’s recognized community may help elevate the community’s standing once the Extension Offices develop appropriate activities for them.

Keywords: economic benchmarking, livelihood benchmarking, community extension program

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