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Effect of Organizational Culture to Job Satisfaction as Mediated by Organizational Commitment of TOWSOL Military Personnel

Dr. Jean Rose M. Quinia
Batangas State University
Batangas City, Philippines





The study is intended to determine the effect of organizational culture to job satisfaction as mediated by organizational commitment of TOWSOL military personnel. The researcher considered the three theoretical frameworks such as Job Satisfaction of Paul Spector, Organizational Culture of Cameron and Quinn and Organizational Commitment of Meyer and Allen. It is limited to the military personnel assigned at TOWSOL (Tactical Operations Wing Southern Luzon). To achieve this purpose, it applied the descriptive research design to gather information. The researcher used percentage, mean, Pearson R and Multiple Linear Regression to determine the tendencies of the responses and to answer the objective of the study. Upon analysis, it was found out that under the nine facets job satisfaction, pay, promotion and nature of work obtained the highest satisfaction rates. While for organizational culture, under present perspective, dominant characteristics has control culture with 30.46 points while the remaining aspect such as leadership style, management of employees, organizational glue, strategic emphasis and criteria for success has collaborate culture. For organizational commitment, normative commitment got the highest commitment level. In determining the effect of organizational culture on the job satisfaction among the military personnel, it was found out under the current situation that adhocracy culture has the significant effect on the job satisfaction. While for five years projection, it was found out that adhocracy and market have significant effect on the job satisfaction of the respondents. As organizational commitment mediates the effect of organizational culture on the job satisfaction, it was found out that under the current perspective, the affective commitment does mediate the effect of organizational culture on the job satisfaction while for five years projection, normative aspect under organizational commitment has significant effect.

Keywords: Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, military personnel

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