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Effect of Refresher and Skill Transfer Initiatives (RSTI) to BHP Representatives’ Sales Stats Performance

Jummitsu E. Sorimachi
Graduate Studies, De La Salle Araneta University, Malabon City, Philippines



This study investigates the impact of Refresher and Skill Transfer Initiatives (RSTI) on the sales performance of Bank of Montreal Home Advantage Plus (BHP) sales representatives. The research aimed to determine whether RSTI contributes to enhancing the sales performance of BHP representatives. Employing a mixed-methods approach, the study selected 17 employees through purposive sampling and collected data using various instruments including Participant Observation, Sales Reports, Focus Group Discussions, and Feedback Forms. Both quantitative data, analyzed through descriptive statistics, and qualitative data, examined thematically, informed the analysis. The study utilized Jamovi Analysis to derive average mean scores and interpret the statistical significance of RSTI’s impact post-implementation. The findings highlight the positive effect of RSTI on BHP sales representatives, noting significant improvements in sales and behavioral performance. Feedback from participants further endorsed RSTI, advocating for its continued use. This research enriches Sales Training literature by introducing behavioral performance enhancements, such as compliance, selling, and soft skills, as critical outcomes of RSTI. The results affirm that RSTI significantly bolsters sales personnel’ sales performance and skill sets.

Keywords: Refresher and Skill Transfer Initiatives, sales training, skill transfer, soft skills, behavioral performance

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