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Effectiveness of Chemicooking as A Gamified Intervention in Nomenclature of Compounds: Learning Experiences of Grade 11 Students in A Public School

Melanio Noe O. Manipon
Saint Mary’s University, Philippines



This research study sought to document the different learning experiences of the Grade 11 students of Santa Fe National High School while they (control and treatment groups) were exposed to the conventional manner of instruction (modules and video lessons) and gamified instruction, in the form of the ChemiCooking e-game, for the school year 2021-2022. Data were gathered using a researcher-made instrument: a pre-test, a post-test, and a checklist of student’s learning experiences. The quantitative data were subjected to various statistical analyses, specifically the mean, standard deviation, and t-tests of the pre and post-tests scores. Moreover, the qualitative data were transcribed, analyzed, and thematized. The findings and results of the study indicated that the control and treatment groups’ pretest scores were not significantly different from those of the control and treatment groups. Furthermore, results showed that the post-test scores significantly differ, as reflected in their mean scores of 10.15 (sd=3.88) and 14.7 (sd=4.84). The difference in mean and standard deviation between the control and treatment group’s gain scores speak of the effectiveness of the ChemiCooking mobile e-game as an instructional material. Moreover, there is a significant difference in the knowledge gained by the control group (unexposed to the ChemiCoooking e-game) and treatment group (exposed to the ChemiCooking e-game) based on their respective post-test scores and gain scores, with the treatment group performing better. This leads to the conclusion that gamified intervention (ChemiCooking) is way more effective than the conventional delivery of instruction. The learners exposed to the ChemiCooking e-game have different and meaningful learning experiences.

Keywords: gamification, knowledge gain, intervention material, ChemiCooking, e-game

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