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Effectiveness of Home Health Care Services in the Qassim Region

Adel Al Hindi1,  Hassan Altakroni2, Ibrahim Alhumaidon3, Abdullah Alhabib4, Fahad Alsabhan5, Khalid Saleh Alhussinan6, Myra Shiela Y. Amor7, hassanco661@hotmail.com2,,, f.m.s611@hotmail.com5,,

Qassim Health Cluster, Ministry of Health KSA

Qassim Health Cluster, Ministry of Health

 Buraidah Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia1-7



This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of home healthcare services provided by both governmental and private sectors in the Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia, during 2021. A survey was conducted involving 210 participants, comprising 2,304 patients from 20 governmental home health care (HHC) sections in hospitals and 199 patients from one private home health care section in private hospitals in the Qassim Region. The majority of respondents were married Saudi men who preferred home visits and faced literacy challenges. Home health care (HHC) was found to be a viable and cost-effective alternative to hospital care, with an average visit duration of approximately 65 minutes and costs amounting to about $400.5 for the private sector and $1,622.694 for the government sector per patient monthly. Despite higher perceived costs, home healthcare remained more economical than hospital-based care. Noteworthy is the continued cost difference between governmental and private sectors on a per-patient monthly basis, indicating potential non-financial factors influencing service delivery. Participants rated HHC services as effective, particularly in assisting with transitions and identifying nutritional deficiencies, although patient deterioration and re-admission received lower ratings. In conclusion, home healthcare services in the Qassim Region were effective across both sectors, highlighting HHC as a cost-effective alternative despite variations in costs between governmental and private providers. It is essential to note the exclusion of home health care coverage from the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) policy.

Keywords: Home health care, Care systems, Quality, Costs

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