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Efficacy Of Facebook as Learning Management System for Distance Education

Kevin Client B. Matutes1*, Anne Pauline C. Panoril2, Sarah Lin A. Robenta3
1,2,3 School of Teacher Education, Initao College
9022, Initao, Misamis Oriental, Philippines





Over the years, Facebook as a social network has improved its features to accommodate the demands of its billions of active users worldwide. The considerable increase of its popularity as the top social media with the greatest number of users today means that many of the world’s populations have been using the platform as part of their everyday lives. With the existing data that 100% of the faculty and students were active users of Facebook as their primary social media platform, this study has evaluated the efficiency of Facebook as a temporary Learning Management System for Elementary Education Program students of Initao College for A.Y. 2020-2021 during distance online learning. It was found out that with the key features of Facebook Page, Group, and Messenger as department bulletin, virtual classrooms, and main communication platform, the first new normal school year concluded with above-average academic achievement and no online learner dropouts for 144 students in total. Furthermore, in terms of average academic performance per year level, ANOVA for independent measures revealed that there was no significant variation among the average term achievement of the first, second, and third-year students. However, the average achievement of the 144 students of the second semester compared to the 143 students during the first semester has demonstrated a significantly lower average academic semester achievement. Hence, this study concludes that Facebook has evidently aided distance learning management amid community quarantines and health security concerns.

Keywords: Distance Education, COVID-19, Facebook, Learning Management System, Elementary Education Program, Philippines

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