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Enhancing the Sentence Construction Skills of TVL Students through
Instruct, Integrate, Involve (3I’s) Method

John Meldwin B. Baronia
Sto. Tomas Senior High School
Batangas, Philippines





The ability to communicate entails skill in speaking and confidence. The two can only be achieved when a person is grammatically competent. While some students might be effective English speakers, guidance is still required to become effective authors. Likewise, many students in the Philippines have poor writing abilities as revealed in the results of 2012 National Career Assessment Examination. Thus, the sentence construction is needed. In the academic setting, the researcher observed that not all K12 Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Strand students are grammatically competent yet. These students have been studying English for 11 years and only a few are communicating their emotions or ideas in class confidently and fluently while many do not speak although they have ideas on mind. Evidently, written tests support this weakness. During assessment subject verb agreement, parts of speech, identifying error and essay writing, students can hardly give the correct verb nor construct grammatically correct statements. For this reason, the researcher desires to improve the grammatical competence of these learners. The action research making use of the One Group Pretest Posttest template was carried out to assess the efficacy of the Instruct, Integrate, Involve (3I’s) Method in enhancing the sentence construction of Sto. Tomas Senior High School’s 25 TVL students for the 2019-2020 school year. A one-tailed t-test on population indicates the use of paired samples was done to fulfill the study objective. This is suitable statistical treatment to be used since the pretest and posttest scores of the respondents are examples of related variables. It is tested in the one-tailed ttest the alternative hypothesis that the mean posttest scores of the respondents is significantly greater than their mean pretest scores. Hence, knowledge building about how the various grammar rules are shaped is a must achieve the desired result. It is not an easy process to create this understanding of grammar skills. The array of ways and uses confuses learners of the English language. Every day they learn new grammar rules but when they speak or write in English, they have trouble applying them. That is why the researcher wants to propose the Instruct, Integrate, Involve (3I’s) Method to enhance the sentence construction of these students. This is a method which will enhance the sentence construction skills by leaning the Subject-verb Agreement Rules and applying these in constructing grammatically correct sentence.

Keywords: Sentence Construction, One-tailed t-test, 3Is Method, School-wide Enrichment Program

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