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Experiences of Grade School Mathematics Teachers during Online Classes through the Lens of TPACK

Joy Therese L.Villon
Instructor I, Southern Luzon State University
Quezon Avenue,Lucban,Quezon, Philippines



This study sought to describe the experiences and challenges of grade school mathematics teachers through the lens of TPACK. This study utilized a qualitative phenomenological design to discover how the participants made meaning from their experiences and challenges during online classes. Ten private school elementary teachers at a university were selected as participants. The results revealed seven themes for the experiences of grade school mathematics teachers during online classes. These themes are 1) digital drills in developing mastery in mathematics, 2) subject integration for meaningful learning of mathematics, 3) applying real-life contexts in problem-solving,4)considerations in choosing interactive sites to teach and assess mathematical skills,5) instructional management skills of the teacher,6)administrative support,7)teachers’ attitude towards the paradigm shift. Meanwhile, future researchers should also consider more respondents and a longer duration of doing this kind of research to unveil the experiences of grade school mathematics teachers in online classes.

Keywords:experiences of gradeschool mathematics teachers, challenges of gradeschool mathematics teachers, online classes, TPACK

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