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Exploring Student Reading Comprehension and Parental Intervention: A Literature Review

Ariel O. Tinapay, MaEd1, Rosenie Seno, MAEd2, Diana Lynn Fernandez, MAed3, James Samillano, Ed.D.,4, Shiela L. Tirol5
Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges, Bogo City, Philipines1,4,5
Mano Integrated School Deped, Cebu Province, San Remigio Cebu,Philippines2
San Remigio National High School Deped Cebu Province, San Remigio Cebu, Philippines3





This study aimed to see how parental involvement affects reading proficiency in terms of reading comprehension and word recognition. The related readings from the literature, journals, dissertations, and relevant studies are presented in this review. This helps identify the related literature or readings in parental involvement and reading proficiency of learners arranged for comprehensive understanding. It begins with parental participation, the concept of reading, reading comprehension theories, and reading proficiency levels in the Philippines. Studies showed that parental involvement has positive effects in improving their reading skills.

Keywords: parental involvement, reading proficiency, reading comprehension, word recognition

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