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Exploring the Role of Science Engagement and Learning Interaction in Acquiring 21st-Century Skills of Grade 7 Online Distance Learners

0000-0001-8944-82121, 0000-0003-4886-34142,
Laguna State Polytechnic University – San Pablo City Campus,
San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines1-2




This study examined the influence of Science engagement and learning interaction of Grade 7 online learners’ acquisition of 21st-century skills and Science achievement.  Seventy-six (76) Grade 7 online learners of San Pablo City Integrated High School served as respondents of the study to find a correlation between 21st-century skills (communication) and Science achievement in student-teacher interactions using descriptive and inferential statistics. Accordingly, findings revealed that student-teacher interaction is a significant mediator in the relationship between Science engagement and Science achievement. The correlation results showed that the perceived online Science engagement (cognitive, affective/emotional, and behavioral) and learning interaction (student-student, student-content) have no significant relationship to the acquired 21st-century skills (critical thinking, creativity, and communication) and Science achievement of the respondents.  More, so that student-teacher interaction significantly influences Science engagement.  The presence of the teacher does influence learner’s outcome in acquiring 21st-century skills..  The mediated variable, learning interaction (student-teacher), partially mediated the influence Science engagement has on Science achievement. Thus, considering the study’s findings and conclusions, it is recommended that schools must invest in online learning environments that improve learning and teaching outcomes. Enable online engagements, and stimulate connections with peers, teachers, and the institution. Foster Science and 21st-century skills, add student online engagement and learning interaction data that can guide school-wide activities, and lastly have multiple sources to facilitate a more profound understanding among online students.

Keywords:  21st-Century Skills, Learning Interaction, Science Achievement, Science Engagement

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