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Factors Affecting Students’ Interest in Learning Science

Edwin B. Conel
1Philippine Normal University-Manila
Manila, Philippines
2University of the Philippines Integrated School
University of the Philippines-Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines





This study aimed to determine the factors that affect students’ interest in learning science. A survey using a self-report questionnaire was conducted among 100 junior high school students in the public and private school settings. The survey questionnaire included a science interest scale consisted of three domains: values and attitude development, scientific skills acquisition, and concept formation. Aligned to the new thrust of the K-12 Science Curriculum and the 21st century learners, the science interest scale was developed, adapted, and validated by the researcher. The collected data were treated and analyzed using descriptive statistics and Pearson correlation coefficient. The findings of the study revealed that most of the students showed favorable perception and interest in learning science. There is also a significant relationship between the science interest and students’ age, monthly income, school type, and the number of siblings. However, no significant relationship exists between science interest and students’ sex. Among the abovementioned variables, age and sex variables were revealed as good predictors of students’ interest in learning science.

Keywords: Values and Attitude Development; Scientific Skills Acquisition; Concept Formation; Science Interest; 21st Century Learners

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