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Family Involvement on Child’s Education among Preschool Parents

Marlen Joie C. Blantucas
Philippine Christian University, Malate Manila, Philippines



This study investigates the impact of family involvement on the education of preschool children among parents in Singapore. It aims to profile respondents based on age, gender, marital status, and educational attainment of both parents and spouses and to assess the general average and achievement in school. Key focus areas include the degree of family involvement in parental engagement, child development, curricular activities, and support for school initiatives. Employing a quantitative-descriptive survey research design, the study gathers data from 100 preschool parents in the local community, utilizing random sampling based on criteria established by the researchers. The findings highlight that family involvement in a child’s education significantly influences various domains. In parental involvement, it is observed that regular updates from teachers on the child’s progress aid in enhancing the learning experience. Regarding child development, family involvement appears to correlate with the child’s ability to read, understand, and communicate effectively. In the realm of curricular activities, active parental participation and support in activities such as reading and homework assignments are evident. Finally, in terms of school support, the study shows a positive impact of family involvement in encouraging and facilitating active engagement in school-related activities. Overall, the study underscores the multifaceted role of family involvement in shaping the educational outcomes of preschool children.

Keywords: Family involvement, child education, preschool children, parental involvement,
child development, curricular activities, and school support

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