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Flexible Learning Processes and Learning Outcomes Amid the Pandemic

Kristine Mae Cultura-Sadang
Isabela State University-Jones Campus
Barangay 1, Jones, Isabela, Philippines



Understanding the phenomenology of flexible learning processes and learning outcomes in the context of the pandemic affecting college students at Isabela State University, Jones Campus, is the goal of this study. The study focused on 30 fourth-year students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Animal Science and Crop Science, namely their flexible learning processes and learning outcomes. Due to some inescapable conditions including bad connections, financial concerns, and family issues, only 26 of the 30 enrolled students responded to the reflective journal. Thematic analysis was used to handle the data. Factors leading to the following topics in the content analysis: financial aspect, educational aspect, the personal aspect, emotional aspect, technological aspect, and moral aspect. With these factors, a suggested program was developed on the adaptable learning objectives and procedures during the pandemic.

Keywords: Pandemic, phenomenology, flexible, learning outcomes, and aspects

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