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Foreign Language Anxiety and Students’ Learning Motivation for Filipino Foreign Language (Korean) Learners

Sherrilyn B. Quintos
Bataan Peninsula State University
City of Balanga, Bataan 2100 Philippines




Anxiety and motivation are indispensable aspects of learning a foreign language (FL). To some extent, students’ motivation for Korean language learning can influence their learning outcomes. This quantitative study aimed to look into the relationship between foreign language anxiety and the learning motivation of Filipino students. Through stratified random sampling, 633 college students from Bataan Peninsula State University-Main Campus studying a foreign language (Korean) served as the sample for this study. The sample comprised 58% male and 42% female, mostly belonged at ages 19-24. Data gathered was analyzed using SPSS version 21. Correlation analysis between FL learning anxiety and motivation was implemented. More so, an independent sample T-test and an ANOVA (Tukey-HSD as post hoc) were applied to evaluate FL anxiety and learning motivation differences. The results demonstrated a low-tomoderate significant relationship between language anxiety and learning motivation. Furthermore, there are differences in learning motivation based on sex rather than age. On the other hand, age has no bearing on the two factors in the examination. In conclusion, FL anxiety hinders language acquisition yet students have a positive and motivated outlook toward learning.

Keywords: L2 learning, motivational factors in language learning, second language acquisition

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