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Formative Assessment in Online Distance Learning Modality through the Lens of Mathematics and Science Teachers

Dave Carlos A. Calixto1, Franz Kevin B. Manalo2, Romadel R. Peralta3
1DepEd-Division of Valenzuela City; 2DepEd-Division of San Pablo City
3DepEd-Division of Quezon City; 4Philippine Normal University





Formative assessment provides ongoing feedback to monitor student learning and improve teachers’ instruction. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the mode of learning delivery and has affected formative assessment. Hence, the researchers explored the practices, challenges, and adaptive strategies of Mathematics and Science Senior High school teachers on formative assessment of students’ learning in an online distance learning modality. Narrative inquiry research design was used in which eight teachers and six students who were chosen through convenience sampling were subjected to in-depth interview. The audio-recorded interviews were transcribed and underwent coding, categorizing, and thematizing. Results revealed that teachers employ practices that allow them to provide immediate feedback, utilize online assessment tools, probe questions, encourage students’ active participation, and align learning competencies with formative assessment. However, they encounter challenges that affect students’ learning such as lack of motivation, unavailability of internet/data connection and gadgets, low digital literacy skills, minimal peer assistance, and authenticity of formative assessment results. But they adapt strategies to address these challenges through designing differentiated assessment, showing empathy, reinventing pedagogical goals through meaningful online tools, promoting student-centered learning, and providing consistent means of communication. Findings implied that teachers use various online formative assessment practices similar to what they do in face-to-face classes. Challenges are evident in the entirety of instruction. However, teachers are dynamic in improving their practices. An action plan consisting of activities, objectives, and description is hereby proposed to improve the online formative assessment practices of mathematics and science teachers to enhance students’ learning.

Key words: Formative assessment, online distance learning, practices, challenges, adaptive strategies, Mathematics and Science teachers

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